Video Editing

Video Editing and Whiteboard Animation

Create or enhance your own videos for online courses, marketing, promo or YouTube, add music and share easily

What you'll learn

  • To screen capture anything on your laptop or monitor.
  • Isolate your talking head video and overlay it on a different background or video using the green screen effect (great for explaining what's on your computer screen while your video is in a corner).
  • Create custom call-outs, intros and Outros and save them in the library to be used in all your future projects.
  • Add behaviours, animations, transitions and many more effects to any item or media in your canvas.
  • Freeze-frame or edit out a part of any video to explain or sync your audio with your video.
  • Add background music to your videos.
  • Separate Audio from a video, export it, edit it, then import it back to the video (saves time re-recording your videos).


  • Have access to a computer and the internet.
  • Download the FREE Trial Camtasia or buy the full version (Camtasia 9 or higher).
  • Basic knowledge of using a computer, open/save files, using a mouse to click & drag.


This course shows you Step By Step how to record your computer screen, edit and enhance your videos using animation, transitions, behaviors, annotations and other effects.

Use the green screen effect to isolate and overlay any object or person from an image or video onto another background or video (great for explanations having your talking head video in a corner while you describe what's on your screen).


Separate audio form any video and export it to edit it, improve it's quality, then import it back and sync it with the video again (saves time having to re-record videos).

Export any frame as a JPEG and use it as an image for your course or YouTube.


Use the music library or import your own music to add background music to your videos, so while you are showing your audience something on the screen and not speaking at the same time, they don't have to listen to SILENCE.


Camtasia is an excellent tool, learn how to master it with this Step By Step training.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in recording, editing and cleaning video files to produce professional quality videos.
  • Course creators who want to improve their video files and explain better using sketch motions, call-outs, behaviours, animation and transitions..
  • Tutorial producers who want their videos to be better than average.
  • YouTube video producers.
  • Vloggers who want to edit and jazz up their Vlogs.